High Noon exists to provide a free community event for the betterment of the women in our community.  

Today's woman has to be a superwoman, she is usually the backbone for her family, she is the caregiver, provider, transporation, nurse, mother and father in some instance.  The increase in responsibility leaves her stressed and overwhelmed.  

Our platform is alleviating stress and celebrating the resilience in women.   We aim to do this by providing women with some "ME" time.   Time that will afford them the opportunity to expereince a fun filled day of laughter, interactive entertainment, motivation, inspiration, retail therapy/Shopping, food, break out sessions etc. 

High Noon takes stress seriously!  Research shows that stress contributes to the #1 killer of women, Heart Disease! However, according to the world renowed Mayo Clinic, LAUGHTER is a solid deterent to STRESS; therefore, we go to great length to create an atmosphere where the women in our communities can be revived, rejuvenated and refreshed.  


Where we heading:  Our goal is to establish small group meeting throughout the cities.  Providing women with a setting/atmosphere that will allow them to relax and unwind.  


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