Crystal NeVille

Crystal NeVille

My name is Crystal NeVille, I am the founder and Coordinator of

High Noon "STRESS BUSTER", The Ultimate Day Off for Women.  High Noon is a God inspired vision to provide women in the community with a much needed atmosphere to alleviate stress as well as to celebrate their resilience.


Question ... did you know that STRESS contributes to the number one killer of women, which is Heart Disease?  Personally, I’ve walked through tremendous stressful situations numerous times; however, I’ve been brought to the other side time after time.  (Thank GOD!)


For those reasons, it is my heart's desire to provide women with what I wish I had during my stressed times; an outlet, a network, an atmosphere to unwind and be rejuvenated!!!  It is our deepest aspiration that each woman that attends this event will experience a delightful day off that is Gratifying, Satisfying and fulfilling in every way!   Being fully renewed she will be able to return back to her family, community and careers not only feeling completely refreshed but also POSITIVELY INSPIRED!


Please take time to browse each page and MARK your CALENDAR for this year event!


Hope to see you there,


    Crystal NeVille

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NO Drama * NO Children * NO Spouse * NO Worries * NO Charge